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Why choose ALTA?

Larry Ferlazzo on Sounds Easy! Teacher, Blogger, ELT Celebrity

"As I've often written, I love the book Sounds Easy and it's an essential component of how I teach English Language Learner Beginners. The reproducible sheets are pure gold."

Larry Ferlazzo on ALTA English eBooks TEACHER, BLOGGER, ELT CELEBRITY

I've regularly sung the praises - on this blog and in my books - of English-teaching books from Alta English Publications. Happily, they've just begun making some of their books available in eBook form at about 20% less than the paper price.

ALTA English Customer
Toni Jensen on The ELT Grammar Book ESL Teacher, Placer School for Adults

ESL Teacher, Toni Jensen thanks author Richard Firsten for having published The ELT Grammar Book. The way she uses this outstanding resource will make you want to pick-it-up!

Larry Ferlazzo on Zero Prep Activities for All Levels Teacher, Blogger, ELT Celebrity

One of my favorite instructional strategies is called “Back To The Screen” which I adapted from Zero Prep Activities for All Levels - Ready To Go Activities For The Language Classroom.

Larry Ferlazzo on Cloze the Gap Teacher, Blogger, ELT Celebrity

Unlike most pre-made clozes (aka as gap-fills), the authors created clozes with strategically-placed blanks that had “clue” words somewhere in the text.

K Lynn Savage on ALTA English Celebrity Author

ALTA is one of the few publishing houses that I see as a "teacher's press" - very important to have this publisher as well as the "big houses" in our field.

Dave Sperling Founder, Dave's ESL Cafe

ALTA has one of the finest selection of ESL material found anywhere!

Colleen McGovern on WOW! ESL Instructor and Curriculum Coordinator, Spring International Language Center

"It's been some time since I've taught a low beginning level. When I was told I'd be teaching a low level reading class, I wondered where to begin. The book assigned was WOW! Stories from Real Life. This book has been wonderful to use."

Jaime Friesen-Pankratz on Out & About in the World of Computers Adult Literacy Facilitator, Pembina Valley Adult School - Canada

"When I first saw the ALTA Publishers Out & About Computer Book series on a local adult learning centre’s webpage, I was excited about the potential that the resource might have for my beginner computer literacy class. I promptly downloaded the free instructor’s manual available online, and was extremely impressed by the depth of the content and the way that the resource was organized."

Amy Loewen on Out & About Professor CCSF, Laney College, UC Berkeley Extension

"I just started using Out & About in my beginner general English class and I love it! The lessons are challenging, satisfying, and relate to students’ everyday lives. I particularly like the fact that the authors included same-sex couples in the family unit. It’s rare to find a textbook that does this, and I find it really helps me cultivate a classroom environment where all our students can feel like they are part of the conversation. I highly recommend this book."

Betty Azar on The ELT Grammar Book Celebrity Author

This book is the teacher’s friend. It’s useful not only for teachers who are new to the field (who will be grateful for the grammar information he provides, information that is easy to understand and to present), but also for experienced teachers looking for new ideas and slants on creating grammar- based lessons.

Libby Swanson on Wow! Adult Education ESL Teacher, Eastside Learning Center: Tucson, AZ

"Other books for beginners have only a few exercises to do after the picture story, and the exercises are not interactive. This book has lots of student-student and teacher-class interaction. I love this! I didn't know my students could say so much!"

Marilyn Rosenthal | Handbook for Language Program Administrators Editor, ESL Magazine

"I think The Handbook for Language Program Administrators is one of the best books in the entire field . . . It is a true delight to see such a solid, interesting, comprehensive, and intelligent (!) treatment of the subject."

Latest from Springs - the ALTA English Blog

Introducing ALTA English Online

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Practice Anytime, Anywhere. From your own device. We have been busy at ALTA English working on our new generation of courses to be delivered entirely online.  After a thorough and long publishing review; which we are still in the process of complet

The ELT Grammar Book

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The ELT Grammar Book is a reference for teachers of English to speakers of other languages and it’s a grammar book with many differences. Right from the start, you’ll notice the relaxed, informal style of the book; books like this one don’t hav

Transitioning from Teacher to Language Program Administrator by Suzanne K. Panferov

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By Suzanne K. Panferov | University of Arizona Teaching and leading are distinguishable occupations, but every great leader is clearly teaching – and every great teacher is leading. (Gardner, 1990, p. 77) “I want to be a Language Program

The impact of eBooks

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We are excited to announce that we are making some of our best-selling reference books available as eBooks! There are clear benefits and advantages of eBooks, easily accessible from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. After you purchase them,

Teacherless Activities for Beginners

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Teacherless Activities help increase student involvement and reduce teacher prep time — plus give students the confidence they need for real-world English interactions.   This is the presentation that Hugo Loyola delivered at #CoTESOL and

Supercharged Vocabulary: Put the Students in Charge!

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Students know it Teachers know it. And research supports it: STUDENTS NEED MORE WORDS! The room was packed for Laurel’s workshop at Colorado TESOL, “Supercharged Vocabulary Learning: Put the Students in Charge!”   Laurel’s aim:  that th

Introducing: ALTA eGift Card Program

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Introducing: ALTA eGift Card Program The gift that keeps on giving … What is it? The ALTA English eGift Card Program is an easy and affordable gift card solution to help you give a present to someone you really care about. Think about that fr

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WOW! Stories from Real Life Demo

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Are you tired of adapting materials for your very low beginners?  Check out our new demo video of WOW! Stories from Real Life narrated by co-author Laurel Pollard. This dynamic multi-skills text is uniquely designed to give you many more exercises

Happy Teacher

Tips for Reducing Stress in the Classroom by Laurel Pollard

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As we practice lowering our stress, and as we get self-talk under control, we also want to make our work in the classroom as effective and efficient as possible. Here are some useful guidelines. How Can We Work “Easier, not Harder”? Many of us re

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